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About Us

Founded in 2020, Rocky Mountain Lathing is a business born out of the Covid-19 Lockdowns. Having made pens since 2016, I decided to revisit this hobby during the unexpected free time many of us received. Originally intended to be gifts for friends and family, word quickly spread about my pens. I soon received requests for custom pens.

soon after, I started to branch out from just pens. I started making razor handles, bottle openers, and many other products. But the product that became an instant hit with customers, were the stainless steel opal inlay rings I made. After seeing the success that my work has had in my town, I started to throw around the idea of creating a business out of my work.

After many long days in the shop, and many sleepless nights, I soon created Rocky Mountain Lathing from the ground up. Each of my products are handmade, and made to order, just for you. Similar businesses make their inventory before an order is created, or only allows you to choose from pre existing combinations of material. This eliminates the custom aspect that I have found so popular. I believe that my products should be created from start to finish for the customer, not for inventory. This process may take a little longer (between 5-15 days before it ships out), because I am starting to create the product after it is ordered. But this process allows you to choose how you would like the product, rather than choosing from inventory. Custom handmade products are my specialty. However, when I have spare time between orders, I do make some items to sell as pre-made items, for customers who may need their order to ship quicker as I ship these products out same day.

Each order is processed from start to finish in house. We are always working on creating fresh, new products to our site. We hope that you have a good experience doing business with us!

If you have any questions, please email us at 

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