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Please note: Each item is custom, handmade to order. We will need between 10 to 15 days to create your item and ship it out

Black titanium is a type of titanium that has been treated with diamond-like carbon (DLC) to create a protective layer, making the titanium even more scratch-resistant and giving it a striking, shadowy hue. The black titanium    consists of 49.02% Ti, 45.74% Zr, 0.68% Fe/Cr, 0.26% Ni, and 1.51% Nb. Some of the pros of using black titanium for jewelry include: Durability: Black titanium is exceptionally strong and scratch-resistant. Shiny look: Black titanium jewelry maintains a lustrous look for a long time. One of the cons of using black titanium for jewelry is that it cannot be resized.

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